Generation Z

With a new generation of young people called „generation Z“ (born 1995-2010), modern marketing found itself facing a completely new challenge. Gen Z isn’t interested in TV commercials, printed brochures or billboards. What’s more important to them is the brand’s storytelling on social media and their work with influencers and content creators on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram. The young agency PLAY THE HYPE specializes in Gen Z marketing and helps global brands meet the demands of this new kind of audience.


We’re super proud to have been entrusted with the creation of the entire new corporate design for PLAY THE HYPE. We chose modern colour combinations and a fresh look to adequately communicate their identity as a forward-thinking, fast growing agency.

The main focus of every single corporate design created by the crew studio is its usability in the future. Your corporate design needs to grow with your identity. We also came up with a variety of different sub-brands to establish a new visual family for all the creative ideas.