Society is the product of relationships, of yours and mine together. If we change in our relationship, society changes.

by Jiddu Krishnamurti
„Buntes Wohnen“ – Vision

Living together instead of apart, growing closer and taking care of each other not only adds great value to our social interactions, it also makes everyday life significantly easier. This idea was embraced and realised in an exemplary manner by the facility Buntes Wohnen in Heilbronn, home to people of all ages and mental as well as physical abilities.

Our Crew was presented with the challenge of creating an appealing, easily comprehensible indoor and outdoor navigation system for the entire housing project, providing both the residents and visitors with an efficient way-finding guide to every room and amenity within the housing area.

The design includes barrier-free floor plans, customised lettering, printable navigation elements, a system of orientation symbols and pictograms, as well as a handbook illustrating and explaining our work. It was a pleasure and an honour to be part of such an inspiring, forward-thinking project.