Creativity is thinking up new things.
Innovation is doing new things.

by Theodore Levitt
„RE-Event“ – a variable corporate design

Is it possible to recognize the visual language of a brand even when it has multiple names and logos? Which parameters do you need and how far would you go on the abstraction scale?

Multiple names – Different logos

You will find conceptualised versions of the RE together with their assigned topic in the grid of the final logo. The degree of the abstraction decides if we understand the message behind all the individual parts or, provided it’s not out first contact with the brand, only link them to it.

The final logo is a variation of the nine topics and a huge number of RE’s.

Different Logos – Different shapes

One of the biggest challenges was tackling the handicaps of changeable branding. The key to success is coming up with the right idea that allows you to use multiple styles in every media available. Once we had it, all that followed was pretty much a walk down victory lane and a really fun one too.


The feeling of an event has to be palpable even to those who aren’t there. All the media should be able to pique your curiosity and get you excited to discover and experience it for yourself.

Social Media

A strong presence in social media is nowadays of vital importance for any brand and company.  People are not only attracted to and by a clean design but also something that stands out from the crowd.