Samy Löwe – online course designs

Building successful brands with our partners and clients on one side and working on our own brands and creative ideas on the other are the two main pillars of the crew studio. This unique feature not only gives us creative freedom in pursuing our own projects, it also represents a strong asset in B2B communication because it allows us to share our practical knowledge with our partners.

The Samy Löwe personal brand with a community of over 160.000 creative people on Instagram and TikTok is where a lot of our ideas come into fruition for the first time and get exposed to a worldwide audience.

Packaging design

At the beginning of 2021, we started working on a very special project. The wish to share Samy’s skills and his creative process with his community sparked the creation of the Online Courses. The challenge that followed consisted not only in turning an abstract idea into reality; it also meant providing a digital product with a distinct identity by creating the necessary visuals, including a unique packaging look.


3 courses – 1 goal

Every course covers one specific topic: sketching, Procreate or Adobe Illustrator. The crew studio created individual concepts for all three courses with customised graphics of the course itself and the tools Samy is using during each lesson.

Landing pages

With the course designs finished, it was now time to merge the content of the courses with Samy’s website. The crew studio developed designated landing pages with integrated connection points to the course provider elopage to ensure optimal accessibility and a smooth promotion on social media.

Digital Bundle

What would a product series be without cool bundles? Enter the special Digital Artist Bundle, a combination of all three courses, perfect for everyone interested creating amazing illustrations on the iPad. If you want to learn the illustrating craft from scratch, you should definitely check it out.